Can you WIX?

For my multimedia project I thought long and hard about the great things the MIW Program has taught me and how much of those things I want to share with the world. Yes, I said it, the world. Thinking and Pondering Sunday caused me to realize that the fantasy of me knowing all about multimedia aspects was just something of pure desire. And that however, within those fantasies, the realities of what I really did know came to mind. Working with the Wix website last night while researching more for my Capstone Project, I found out a lot about myself, or rather a lot about the six website instead.

Screenshot 2014-03-09 19.42.03

For my multimedia project, I’ve decided to use the six website as my portal of visual information for my capstone project. This website will be a learning experience in itself, will help me understand how to make a real weskit, and will allow my creative abilities to be exposed to a broader audience. These things are all very important and have been things I’ve been a little hesitant to complete in the past. (1) I’ve recently wanted to know how to make a six website because so many student organizations and individuals do it. (2) It seems pretty cool and has tons of templates and varieties to choose from. (3) Who’s going to stop me? (no, but really?). I know that my multimedia project will consist of lots of changes to the ‘modern photography’ template I chose, but I’m open to the challenges and techniques I’m learning and will soon learn about this nat website. I think it’ll be a great addition to what my project has to offer and hope that it expresses myself and my project wholeheartedly.


3 thoughts to “Can you WIX?”

  1. It looks great already! Customizing a premade template is definitely a learning process that can be really frustrating, but the more you tailor it to your project the better it’ll look. Wix is a good choice, because (as you know) WordPress doesn’t allow for very much customization unless you’re ready to spend a little money. And I think Wix is better for using a lot of visuals. Is this going to be separate from your portfolio or built-in? In any case, it’s looking really cool so far 🙂

  2. Neeyati, i didn’t think about it being built-in, but, good idea! I may do that as well. I’m also going to ask if I can use Wix for my e-portfolio; I’m sure it’s been done right?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Sounds exciting!! I’ll be right there with you as I try to navigate Wix in the next few weeks as well. As Neeyati said, your homepage already looks great!! Seems like you’re definitely off to a good start. I think you mentioned a great point, that student organizations and other groups use this platform as well. I have a feeling if you master some of these skills over the next month, you’ll continue to use this platform as you move forward to present information in an interesting and engaging way for your audience! Best of luck..looking forward to watching the progression.

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