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  1. Hi Matt–I’m curious as to which two people you picked for your mini-biographies. Also, what criteria did you use in your selection of “ultra-successful” people?

  2. I have to reiterate Joe’s question on this one—how are you defining “ultra-successful”? I can see it going in two very different directions. One would be successful as in obscenely wealthy. The other would be successful as in maybe not wealthy at all–actually maybe poverty stricken–but successful in terms of starting a movement (I’m thinking along the likes of Ghandi here). I’m really curious what direction you’ll take it and if it will be a contrast or two similar examples.

  3. This seems intriguing. I just looked up “modus operandi,” very clever title!! I haven’t really thought about what I’ll call my project yet, I’d like to find something that grabs my audience right away as yours does. Best of luck in the upcoming weeks!

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