Concrete Poetry–Thoughts? #RayRay

Hey guys! Sorry for my third post in a row (awk). Anyways, I’m in this creative writing class (LOL me and 100 other freshman/sophomores), and we’re talking about concrete poetry. The argument is, do you consider something that’s just a compilation of words and images a poem? What do you think makes a poem? Concrete poetry can be anything where the visual component is just as important, if not more important, than the words themselves. In fact, it doesn’t even need to have any words at all. Here’s an example of my favorite “poem”. Let me know what you guys think! the-guardian2

2 thoughts to “Concrete Poetry–Thoughts? #RayRay”

  1. The beautiful thing about something like this is I believe it is entirely up to an individuals interpretation. Personally, I would not consider myself to be an artsy person in anyway. Rather, I’m very analytical, so something like this would not amuse me very much. That being said, I know a number of people that would find great interest in this and come up with a lot of different meanings. I think that a poem simply needs to have some sort of message embedded it. It can be subtle or obvious. It doesn’t matter. As long as one person is capable of deriving some form of greater meaning, I would consider it poetry. Clever rhyming schemes never hurt either.

  2. I actually prefer concrete poetry because I feel as though you can say more with limited words than you can with the length of having all the words put together in sentence form. I like pieces of writing that make me think and form connections. Concrete poetry does this. What makes a poem is words that provoke thought and imagery while not painting an entire picture or forming an entire argument.

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