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I’m currently in Beaver Creek, CO skiing with my family.  I have always known that while I ski, I do a lot of thinking, but I’ve realized that I’m doing more thinking than ever about life/school/graduation.  Oh, and our project.  With time running out on our time at Michigan and our time in Ray’s class I can’t help but feel like this project is the last big academic challenge of my life (at least for awhile).  Weird, right?  While it’s easy for me to think that I will not miss studying, or researching for a class, or completing assignments, part of me is starting to think that in 5 years (or maybe more like 10)  I will miss sitting in the library until 3AM with my friends working to finish papers and projects.  Maybe  I will miss the shitty Bert’s coffee or seeing how long I can really procrastinate before I literally HAVE to do something or I won’t get it done.  Or maybe I won’t miss these things at all.  Only time will tell.

In the spirit of our projects and maybe to add a little optimism to project deadline hanging over our heads, maybe we will miss this!  When else are we going to get to do research and talk to people and learn about something that we are super interested in and care about?  Unless you are going to grad school or get a job that you are obsessed with then this  time might not ever happen again.  This is the optimist in me talking, and you could be thinking I’m nuts.  If that’s the case…please accept my sincerest condolences on the fateful expiration of your ability to avoid reality.

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  1. Kate,

    Well said! I’ve been thinking a lot about the same issues and I think something really important is that we live in a go, go, go world. When you take a few minutes just to stop and think–whether you are skiing or siting on your couch or writing–you start to realize how little time we have left at this University. I’ve been getting weird moments of nostalgia over the last few months as I walk around campus. For example, there have been times when I walk through the Engineering Arch heading towards the Diag and I see the beautiful campus unfolding before my eyes and I realize that these moments will never be a part of my daily life again. It’s bizarre and kind of sad. However, I do think that I’m somewhat ready for the next chapter of my life to start, though, as you say, only time will tell how I will look back on these four years of my life. Thanks for the post!

  2. Kate,

    Thank you for your optimism – seriously. I keep hearing people say things like “I just want to be done,” or “I’m over it,” or “Can we graduate already?” I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been one of those people in these last few months (whoever said senior year is a blow-off needs to be slapped..), but I definitely agree with your thoughts and emotions. So many feels lately!!! Thank you for reminding me, as I sit here on my seventh consecutive hour at the UGLi, drinking shitty Bert’s coffee in this horrifically uncomfortable chair, that I will one day in fact miss this.


  3. Hey Kate, I agree with your post wholeheartedly. Although it’s difficult to believe in the moment, I know that I’ll definitely miss studying with my friends and pulling all-nighters to finish my projects. Thanks to many of my projects, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss some amazing topics with my friends. For example, I’m currently taking a Philosophy 202 (Intro to Philosophy Class), and I’ve had discussions with my housemates about such diverse topics as “does God exist,” and “how do we know when we know something,?” Looking forward to finishing off my writing 220 required projects–I know we’ll all be O.K.!

  4. Kate,

    I couldn’t agree more. As much as the idea of completing this project in time is stressing me out, I would much rather endure this type of stress that what I assume I will encounter once I leave this University. And you bring up some excellent, optimistic views: we get to choose our project topics, we are learning about real world event,s problems and literature, AND we are doing it with other intellects who are our same age. I absolutely do not want to leave this place. I would rather work on this project for the rest of my life than graduate – but that’s not an option. So until then, let’s enjoy the stress and late nights in the library, hopefully with friends.

  5. This is sad because it is so true. The part that really caught my attention is when you were speaking about how we are running out of time here at Michigan. It makes me sad to realize this because there are so many things I want to get done still. I find myself and friends saying, oh we will do this. But now I have to think but when. When will we finally do these things we have been telling ourselves to make sure to do before we graduate. We graduate in May and shortly after we will all be leaving. I have procrastinated all semester, and year, I feel like and therefore are finding myself at the end of my senior year running around doing homework and tasks that should have been done long ago so that I could enjoy this little time left with friends.

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