I never want to study ever again. Ever.

Graduation seemed like such a far off milestone that I never truly thought about what it would be like to have to essentially start again. Many of my peers and I will be going on to a form of grad school after this and I can honestly say that the thing I am most worried about is having to learn to re-study. All of senior year I have been taking it easy because as everyone knows, grades don’t really count anymore. The thought of actually having to start locking myself in libraries and with holding food as punishment for not being to page x by this amount of time is scary. That is what I did all of undergrad and I didn’t realize how much more fun school is when you just float on through. How am I ever going to be able to make myself study hard again???? Is this an irrational thought or is anyone else having these fears? I have tons of new found respect for those taking gap years because it takes a lot to have an entire year of not studying (though I recognize they are busy with other things) to go back to drilling the books into your head. August is fast approaching and all I can think about is how I just don’t want it to. All studying is, to me at least, is a test of how much I can fit into my head and how well I am capable of regurgitating it back to them on a multiple choice exam. Yes, I will be finally learning about things that interest me but can anything, besides Netflix, really be interesting enough to make me actually want to stay up until five am only to have to be on the go the next day by ten? I speculate that the answer to this is no. How do you do it?  How do they do it? How does one keep themselves going when day by day you can visible see grey hair accumulating?! img_4195

One thought to “I never want to study ever again. Ever.”

  1. I have faith in you Margaret!! Although there is definitely something to be said about taking long breaks in between studious-times and relaxing times, I don’t think you’ve forgotten the best way to study just because you’ve taken it easy the last year or so. Your brain, like other organs in your body, is a muscle. And I’m pretty sure “muscle memory” is actually a thing.

    The biggest barrier to you being studious again is probably mostly psychological. Taking it easy is certainly a lot more fun. But nobody said life was easy!

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