Illustrated Passage: How Businesses Use Your SATs #RayRay

The following New York Times article details that many elite companies such as McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs still ask a job candidate for his/her SAT score when applying for an entry-level position.  Ultimately, the article attributes the desire for SAT scores to help weed out applicants early in the recruiting process.  “They’re most valuable early in the process because we get tens of thousands of applications and we don’t interview tens of thousands of people,” Jennifer Comparoni, head of recruiting in the Americas at the Boston Consulting Group said.

When I recruited for internships last year, I remember both Amazon and McKinsey & Company asking for my SAT/ACT scores.  Yet, most companies did not require them and instead asked for just my GPA, resume, and a cover letter.  A few companies asked me to complete their own standardized mathematics exam and corporate culture survey as a more effective way to evaluate prospective job candidates.  While I do not believe that a SAT/ACT score is a good predictor of success in a full-time job position, I understand the desire of companies to save time in narrowing down their applicant pool.  Instead, I think it’s more effective to use GPAs, recommendation letters, and even the college attended as a better way to evaluate candidates.  And the most effective tool I believe is an internship because over a 10-week period a company gets a really good idea about a candidate’s work potential along with his/her demeanor and attitude.

I’ve chosen the following photo to illustrate my opinion about the New York Times article. Please let me know your thoughts!


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