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I was really interested in the article that David posted about companies using SAT scores to weed out potential job candidates early in the cycle. Although I realize it seems like an easy fix, it’s certainly not the best way to compare candidates for a future job. The SAT is a test that is used to predict success in COLLEGE. And it may just as well do that, but it may not. How do we find out? YOUR GPA. Obviously. This is why this makes absolutely no sense to me. If companies want to look at candidates SAT scores, why don’t they just look at every standardized test you’ve taken since the 3rd grade. In fact, why don’t they just look at your middle school grades too. This is so ridiculous it makes me stressed, and I’m not even applying to jobs right now. Probably because this brings back anxiety from having to take the LSAT, which for the record, is an appropriate test because it really will predict success in law school. SAT for a job, not so much. So, on that note, here’s how I feel about this article: imgres

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  1. I agree with the claim that using SAT scores for job evaluation is unfair and out of place. In addition to everything said here in regards to the SAT being a standardized test that is meant to shed lights on a candidate’s ability to succeed as an undergraduate, it should also be noted that people take the SAT as juniors in high school. By the time they are seniors in college or even out of college and looking for a job, at least five years later from when they took the SAT, individuals have transformed immensely. It doesn’t seem fair to accept or reject someone based on decisions they made and scores that they achieved at a very different stage of their life.

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