In-class Workshopping

I am ¬†excited to be able to take advantage of seeing other people’s current project work. I think this will give me a good gauge of the approach that other people are taking and the overall level of work that will go into our final projects. In addition to giving other people feedback on their current content, my goal is to take a few personal takeaways from each of their work. What worked well for them? How can they improve? Do I like their presentation style, or do I think another alternative may be more effective? Do I understand the ultimate message that they are trying to get across? Is it obvious to me who’s work this is (does the work reflect their personality, beliefs, values, etc?)? Are there certain things missing that I believe would be good additions to what they have? David mentioned a lot of these things in his message to our class when he sent out his current work, which I appreciated. I think it is important to not only read with an open mind, but absorb certain things simultaneously that may be applicable to your own work. It is cool that we are covering such a wide range of topics and planning on employing so many different styles and media forms. I just hope that my project isn’t the least developed one by the time I send it out. If it is… oh well.

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  1. I had this exact same fear while reading others work and listening to them speak about how they were planning on formatting their projects! It is really cool to see how many different ideas our classmates have. I feel as though no two person’s projects are even remotely similar and the workshop just further showed that! I think that focusing on what you can take away from workshop is a really good idea as well! I did not do this but I should start! I remember reading a piece as a freshmen about how workshop isn’t for the other person but for you and what you said resonated with that paper!

  2. Hey Ben! I feel the same way–I was worried about what amount of work I should have done at the point of workshop, and how the class was going to receive my ideas thus far. I’m glad I went first to get my focus right before I really get going into it, but I definitely see the advantage in looking at others’ work first as well. I also think it’s a great idea to look at everyones projects and see what worked for them and what didn’t. I found myself doing that already at our first workshop, and I’ve taken away some great things from it!

  3. Hey girls, I appreciate the feedback. I’m glad we’re all on the same page! The first series of workshops definitely open my eyes to a lot of really interesting directions that the final project can be taken in. Margaret, I agree with you that every project is going to be extremely, both in form and content, which I think it awesome. From that standpoint, I don’t need to worry about trying to differentiate my work. I think it will do so naturally, and I can feel open to going in any direction that I feel would be most appropriate and most effective. Kyla, I’m glad you had a positive experience with your workshop. I think you have a lot of really interesting opportunities to pursue with your idea. Good luck!

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