Learning Adobe Illustrator

At the age of 10, my parents bought me PaintShop Pro 8 after I annoyed them with my constant begging. I loved all things web design and I wanted to be able to create beautiful original graphics for my kiddie web sites and blogs. Needless to say, PaintShop Pro is complicated and it’s not exactly made for 10-year-olds BUT I did manage to create some fun word graphics.

What I’d like to learn now is Adobe Illustrator. It’s much more user friendly from what I hear. I’m extraordinarily particular when it comes to how things look as I create a blog or website, so this will be the perfect tool for me to alter and create what I would like to for my capstone project website. There are two things that I’d like to do with this: 1. Create original graphics to use on the website 2. Edit photographs that I take for the project.

I plan on using Wix as my website platform, so I’d like to take full advantage of its customizability. Here are some examples of websites that I’d really like to emulate:

1. The Girl Effect – The design for this one is simple but effective. It looks like they just slap a bunch of triangles on the page, but look closer. The triangles have unique qualities and they’re placed just so.

2. The Guardian’s NSA Files – Again, this one is simple but they do a great job of switching up the kinds of graphic design that they use on the page to draw in the viewer

3. The 2014 Gates Annual Letter – This is similar to the link above, but it uses more high quality photographs and infographics.

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