Making a website part 6

In this video, I explain how to upload a word document to your website via an in-text pdf viewer.

Here’s the code that I was referencing in the video: (Simply insert your google doc URL for the “insert your website here.”) Do not delete the quotation marks!

5 thoughts to “Making a website part 6”

  1. Hey David,

    I just wanted to thank you again for making all of these video blogs. I’m learning SquareSpace as I go, so any help I can get has been much appreciated! I asked you in class about uploading a Google Presentation instead of a Google Doc, so I figured I’d upload the code you shared with me here:

    It didn’t really work for me, but perhaps that is because of the template I’ve chosen, so perhaps it will work better for others.

    If people are interested in uploading a PowerPoint presentation to their Portfolio, I simply took screenshots of all of my slides, uploaded them into a SquareSpace gallery, and then inserted that gallery into a new SquareSpace page. It came out pretty well!

  2. You’re a gem, David. This is the first of these posts that I’ve actually looked at, but they all definitely seem really helpful. It’s also nice that you laid them out separately in order to allow us to focus on one task at a time. For people like me, who are very ignorant when it comes to technology, this is certainly very helpful. As long as you can tolerate my ineptitude, I may be contacting you at some point to meet up about some portfolio questions. You seem like the go-to guy.

  3. Hey Mark and Benjamin, thank you both for your kind words. Please feel free to e-mail me/ask after class if you have any additional questions! Also, here’s the code that I was referencing in the video:

    (make sure to keep the quotation marks)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. These videos have saved my life. I have no clue how to design on online platform and make it look nice and present everything I need it to but these have made everything so much easier! THANK YOU!

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