One thought to “Making a Website Video- Part 1 #RayRay”

  1. David,

    First off, thank you for using your brilliance to constantly produce and shower us with your user-friendly gifts – excel point spreadsheets, step-by-step tutorials, etc. You’re the

    I fell in love with Squarespace after seeing Amy’s portfolio. I find their clean layouts inviting and easy to use. After signing-up, however, I found myself a bit overwhelmed. Mostly because I’m incredibly indecisive (I spent an hour going through their sample layouts).

    I’m still trying to figure out what layout to use for my project, but, ultimately, I think I’m going to use WordPress because of familiarity (the organization I work for uses WP, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time fussing around with it). I’ve realized I often spend a lot of time sweating the small stuff and I think I could get really caught up in trying to figure out how to make my website look how I want on Squarespace, rather than devoting more time to perfecting the content that will fill my portfolio.

    Thanks again for producing and sharing this – it was definitely helpful for exploring my options.


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