Making the Personal Something Relatable #mixer

For my Capstone project I am doing a case study on my family’s meat market in Detroit’s Eastern Market area and trying to find quick and effective procedures we could put in place that would make our business run more effectively and therefore decrease the stress my parents deal with as small business owners. Within this very specific and personal case study I hope to find tips and suggestions for all small business owners in Detroit to use in order to improve employee engagement and efficiency.

For this project I am most excited for the fact that this is really pushing me as a writer in areas that I’ve improved in over my last four years at U of M. After writing my Writer’s Evolution Essay it really helped me understand that what I have started to improve upon (and what to continue) is taking personal things, like my family’s business and delivering that information to an audience that does not know me in a succinct and meaningful way, where they’re able to understand where I’m coming from. I think when I am in my career, my time at the market will affect my actions and the way that I see things in corporate america, and it will be important for me to explain and defend my opinions, while utilizing my unique background, in a way that people will understand.

I am most nervous about the fact that I have A LOT of moving parts in this project and I hope that it will all come together on my WIX page in an aesthetically pleasing, coherent way. I have video, pictures, text, charts, etc. and I’m still in the process or organizing everything. I hope I can pull this off!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. Christine, I really like your idea; it is very unique. I think it is very important that you took about the hesitations you have for the future in regards to your hesitations about corporate America after the experiences you have from working at your meat market. It is important that you add in your aspirational occupation and how you think your views of the meat market will impact your role there (or if you think this will impact your occupational decision, state this!). I think you provide a great learning experience for many of us that have little to no experience with owning a small business. I encourage you to determine an overall takeaway for your reader to help focus your paper.

    In terms of media organizing I would just make sure that one is able to view all your mediums in a logical order.

    I think this will be great! My fingers are crossed; you got this!

  2. Christine, I also really like your idea and I like that it’s coming together in a way that is natural and pleasing to you. I understand COMPLETELY what you mean about it all coming together in a aesthetically pleasing way. My project has the same elements and I’m stuck in the middle of ‘it makes sense to me BUT will it make sense to my audience’. This is of course a big load to take on, but I’m sure we’ll pull it off effortlessly. Good luck on your modifications; I’m sure it’ll look great!

  3. Hi Christine,

    I am very excited for your project, and I have on doubt that you will be able to pull it all together in an attractive and organized way! I cannot wait to see how you chose to present all the information. I think I write this in my peer response to your proposal, but it could be extremely interesting to set up your project as a “how to” manual for other people who are in a similar situation as your parents. As the expert, you would be able to use both your writing and your skills in organizational studies to teach other people the best way to run a family business.

    Great job so far and good luck with the rest of your project!!

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