Midway Check Point

I hate to be that guy, but spring break is just about over.  With that, I feel like we’re just beyond the halfway point of the semester.  With that, I am curious as to how people are progressing with their project and general work.  Personally, I feel as though I have made it more of a priority to chip away at the various tasks that will earn us points.  That being said, I definitely feel as though a lot of that work will be beneficial in terms of achieving the best possible end result for my project.  I have made an effort to filter a lot of my activities towards topics and activities that are relevant to my project.  In the process, I have definitely come across various interesting insights and discovered new perspectives.  My only concern is that a lot of this feels forced rather than organic. Maybe this is the stupidest thing I have ever said, but I am forcing myself to discover new things rather than allowing it to happen through a more natural discourse.  How anyone approach their project differently? Is anyone simply researching things that they see fit and worrying about points as a more secondary matter, or are you prioritizing points the way that I am, and doing your best to ensure that the activities you’re doing are applicable to your ultimate goals? If you feel as though you don’t fit into either category because you haven’t done much yet, that is a perfectly acceptable and noble answer also. You’ll probably make other people feel a lot better about where they’re at.

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  1. I feel the same way. I’m doing a project on happiness and I’m trying to use myself as a case study to see if you can improve your happiness over time. So with that said, I’ve tried to keep my eyes peeled for ways to “improve happiness”. For example, I started subscribing to these happiness emails–yeah it sounds really dumb, but I think it’s actually working! haha. It’s an email with an inspirational quote that you get sent every day in the morning, and I’ve been trying to apply them to the rest of my day after I read it. But beyond that, I’m getting a little worried progress isn’t exactly where it should be. I guess we’ll all be hitting it hard these next couple of weeks to get it done!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Kyla. I actually think that’s really cool that you subscribed to those emails. At the very least, you’re going to be extremely well-versed in quotes. At the max, those words of wisdom and inspiration will completely transform your life… and your project. My bold prediction is that their effect will fall somewhere in between those two extreme limits. It’s great that you’re experimenting though and looking to experiment with things that you would not normally do.

    In terms of my actual progress, I’m not sure I would say that I’m worried about it, rather, as I said in my initial post, I just feel as though I’m forcing it about too much instead of allowing it to happen naturally, which I think is a good and a bad thing. Bad in the sense that I’m being a little rigid with the execution of my research, but good in the sense that I’m forcing myself to be active and continuously make some form of progress.

  3. Hi Benj!

    I definitely feel the same way! I think this has been a constant struggle throughout the semester – It has been hard to figure out how to divide my energy between focusing on the various tasks we need to complete for points in addition to the required class assignments. Now that we have officially entered project “crunch time”, I think that is best for us to really devote our attention to the project primarily. As we do that, however, I think that a good compromise will be to use this blog as a means to express ourselves through the process and get advice from our peers. This way we can focus on the project while also still earning some points!

  4. I feel the same as you and these new discoveries have actually caused me to become more and more unsure about my project. I feel like I keep coming up with new project ideas and improvements from these micro-asignments which is good because I understand that this the the purpose of the assignments but it is making me unsure of my project and nervous to begin writing it.

  5. Hey Everyone,

    It’s always nice to know that your not alone in terms of your feelings and experiences. While this project definitely presents a very long road full of bumps to navigate, it also presents a lot of possibilities and room for exploration. I fee like I’m on the Yellow Brick Road, only that there are infinite different paths to choose from. I’m going to be very disappointed if I don’t run into the Cowardly Lion at some point. He is my hero!

    Woah… sorry about that. We’re back. This weekend I put together a semi comprehensive outline I have I want to tie all of my ideas together. It made me aware of a few details that I was missing, but it definitely helped a lot, as I can now see how I plan to construct everything in a cohesive manner. I would recommend to try doing the same, as this may allow you to better see what the end result of your porject could look like, and whether or not you’ll be pleased with it.

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