Multimedia Contract

For my multimedia contract I decided I wanted to figure out a more efficient way to transcribe interviews. I chose this because transcribing was one of the biggest issues I had when it came to doing an oral history interview. Transcribing is very tedious and time consuming, it took me about two weeks to transcribe one interview. I asked knowledgable sources about the best way and I was told to try Express Scribe Transcription Software. Although it was a bit confusing at first it made the process of transcribing a lot easier. It allows you to make keys available for fast forwarding, pausing, rewinding, and slowing down. This is helpful so you don’t have to keep doing it manually yourself. Here is a link to the website

3 thoughts to “Multimedia Contract”

  1. Kelli,

    This was a great idea and will definitely add a lot to your project. I am excited to see how it enhances your presentation and also learn how much easier it made your work!

  2. Kelli, if I remember correctly, your original oral history interviews were quite lengthy–like an hour or so. I can’t imagine how tedious transcribing them must have been, especially without the aid of transcription software. So, I’m glad you found a tool to help you.

    At the same time, wouldn’t it be amazing if Express Scribe did everything automatically–you upload the file and it returns the text. I know such transcription apps do exist, but as this blog post suggests, they’re not nearly as accurate as human ears. So it sounds like what you’ve got is as good as it gets!

  3. I think you chose a perfect new media skill to learn. Now you can spend less time worry that you are properly transcribing the interviews and more time on analyzing them! I’m curious just how much time this would save you in the transcribing process.

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