My project life cycle: all of the feels #mixer

While I was working at AIG this summer, I was introduced to a little thing called the project life cycle. It loosely looks like the following: initiate, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling. If I were to describe my project/portfolio it looks more like this: initiate, planning, executing, sadness, excitement, anger, and then panic. Then it basically cycles around the last four phases over and over again.

All jokes aside, there is a lot between now and graduation, and I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. Granted, my e-portfolio isn’t what I’m most concerned about because I’m quite excited about putting it together, making it look nice, polishing it, etc. I could spend hours on the computer just messing with the portfolio. The main issue that I’m having is working through my project to get it to a point where it actually constitutes a capstone project.

To give you a brief intro, I’m looking at the issues and concerns that college-aged women have when it comes to their professional lives and appearances and how seven women deal with that. I’m basically trying to determine what small things men and women can do every day to help mitigate for those issues. So I’m essentially just panicking about bringing this project into reality. I’ve got a bunch of wonderful material to work with, but it’s a matter of determining how to actually present that material.

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting project! There certainly are obstacles that you have to overcome as a woman in the workforce, and maybe even more so as college-aged women. Just a question–how are you getting the information from the 7 women you’re highlighting? Do you know them personally? If you need a peer review, you can email me and I’ll look it over!

  2. I’m totally in the same boat. I’m enjoying gathering all the raw material for my project, but then…I actually have to do something with it. And soon.

    Do you have any ideas about how you’re going to present the material you have? Like I said, I’m in pretty much the same spot, so I’m just focusing on taking notes on the interviews/research/freewriting I have and picking out key words or topics around which I can organize my project. Whether you’re doing one long narrative or splitting it up into different pages, that could be a helpful step (unless you’ve already done that!).

    If you need more specific feedback or ideas about organization/presentation along the way, let me know!

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