My Project thus far…

My project will begin by analyzing the cause of a shift in opinion on a topic, such as social justice (or the topic: social justice). I will explain how certain environments and education paths can hinder or facilitate an understanding for social justice concepts. I then want to transition into how our society as a whole tends to hinder this type of understanding. I will use examples from U.S. media, policies, and institutions to back up my claim. I will then use my brother and myself as examples. We are an accurate product of two separate paths that have resulted in differing opinions. Using my initial claims, I will apply them to our lives to illustrate the cause of our differences. 

So who wants to help out with workshopping and peer reviewing this idea?! #mixer #rayray

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  1. Hi Angelle–Sounds like a very interesting project! Which topics did you pick to analyze? Social justice is a very broad topic, so I imagine you’ll have to narrow your focus to specific topics within this category to get a clearer picture of certain shifts in opinion and how they occur..

    I’m also curious about your relationship with your brother. It sounds like you two have very different opinions, and I’m interested in the “two separate paths” that brought this about.

    Good luck with your project!

  2. Hi Angelle! I really liked workshopping your project in class on Wednesday. I’ll be sending you a peer review shortly, but for now, I think it would be helpful to first focus on the larger topic of social justice and how certain institutions can foster or hinder development or create differing views, then towards the middle/end show how your brother vs. you o are a product of these environments and are a specific example of the larger argument you’re trying to make. That way the piece become more relatable and relevant to the audience while also personal! 🙂

  3. Wow that’s a big thing to tackle–what topics did you end up picking to zero in on? You mention social justice, but even that is pretty enormous–do you have any particular subjects within that zone that you’ll focus on?

    On you and your brother–did you guys go to differently structured schools or participate in wildly different activities? I’m so curious what the “different paths” are.

    In general, it sounds like a pretty fascinating project–I hope to see the end result!

  4. This seems so interesting! I wonder what paths you and your brother took and why they were so different. Are you interested in social justice because you feel you were at an advantage with your pathway or a disadvantage. Sounds like you’re in the midst of a very interesting capstone project! Best of luck!

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