New Multimedia Skill

For our multimedia contract, I decided to build upon my knowledge in iMovie. Last year I taught myself the basics in order to do a few class assignments. Last week I expanded upon that base. I watched a few online tutorials on YouTube in order to learn how to add my own personal music from my iTunes library to specific scenes in a project.

Last year, I knew how to add the sounds that iMovie presented, but I could not figure out how to add sections of specific songs that I wanted to a particular part of my movie. I love music, all genres, and I’m a big believer that music and particular songs can act as their own character in a story, so this skill is something I think I’ll use any time I use iMovie in the future. Specifically for this project, I do not want to have all text based information, so I’m thinking of adding a series of videos. I figured when I was talking about the history of the market/showing photos, being able to add my own music and set the mood would help. Additionally, when I do present information in text, this may be a way to add music and make it more exciting.

2 thoughts to “New Multimedia Skill”

  1. You’re definitely right that carefully-chosen music can act as its own “character.” It’ll personalize your videos and make them seem more polished!

    I’m assuming music and voice-over narration work in a similar way (maybe not?) so even though you’re focusing on incorporating music in this case, you have other options as well. Layering audio over your own videos is a skill that you can use in almost any project, especially if you’re thinking about eventually running/promoting your own business.

  2. Christine, this is a great format to use for media outlets. I use iMovie all of the time (well only when making movies for end of the year events) and understand the complexity of minor things such as music. For the life of me, I always spend so much time incorporating multiple songs that overlap one another. This can drive me crazy, but after working with it more, it’s become just “one of those things” that are second nature. Nice to know that you’re becoming a pro as well!

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