Only 140 Characters? #mixer

For my capstone project, I am writing about the connection between Twitter and the modern Olympics to understand how such global platforms can be advantageous to world peace. I hope the connections I daw will help my audience understand how social media platforms such as Twitter are changing traditional world events.

I am most excited of the opportunity to use multimedia tools like Prezi and Twitter to better engage my audience. My plan is to present my paper using these two platforms. However, this also brings me to my main concern – how can I most effectively use Twitter? I cannot tweet everything I am saying in a series of 140-characters-or-less.


One thought to “Only 140 Characters? #mixer”

  1. Jourdan, I love the idea of making Twitter a major part of your project! From what I remember, this wasn’t part of your original idea in your proposal, but I think it’s great.

    How exactly are you exploring this connection between Twitter and the Olympics? Depending on what kind of research you’re doing, you could maybe incorporate screenshots of some of things people have been tweeting about Sochi. Or you can tweet some of your main ideas (it’ll be a good exercise to boil them down into 140-character tweets!) and incorporate screenshots of those tweets into your Prezi, where you can then go into more detail? I don’t know if that would work for you, but it’s just an idea.

    Good luck!

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