For my capstone project, I am going to try to combine  new media skills in order to make my project interactive. The basis of my project will be a Prezi. Although I have worked with a Prezi before, I have never tried to do something in Prezi in too much detail. I am going to make a timed presentation, with sound and video. The sound and video will come from previous footage, and I may perhaps use my own voice to express my own opinions. I hope that this will be both visually appealing and technologically interesting in order to present my project on the modern Olympics.

When I used Prezi before, I simply used a timed presentation with words. I want to make the Prezi more interactive because I think it will help me to better present my final project and it will help me learn a new skill. This skill, of being able to present well, will help me for the rest of my life in both social and professional settings.

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