Re-mediation nation

My re-purposing project is structured as a Everyday Feminism blog post, which is a web blog that strives to incorporate content that creates an inclusive environment and treats every reader with respect. I wanted to use this platform for my re-purposing project because my piece is about identity—who constructs it, how we identify ourselves, and the extent to which we let others choose our identity for us. The idea behind the piece is how my red hair has shaped my identity, and the realizations I have come to, based on this blatant attribute, the experiences I’ve had, and speculations about how my realizations are rooted in societal socialization. The piece is written as a blog post, mimicking the style and language used by the writers of Everyday Feminism. The target audience is the type of people that read blogs like Everyday Feminism—social just, open minded individuals, hoping that they will share this article with others who are not as informed. The target is also people (especially younger girls) struggling with identity and finding themselves.

For my re-mediation project, I want to turn my blog post into either a TED talk or a podcast (PSA) that can be listened to, in order to garner inspiration and motivate people to question their identity, as well as the correlation between identity and society. Giving physical voice to the piece will bring it to life, beyond the pages of the web. It will be a 2-5 minute talk. I am veering toward a TED talk because TED is about “spreading ideas worth sharing.” Because my mostly narrative piece has a universal theme/take-away, I feel like it will fit well within the TED’s mission. The goal is to have people walk away with a tangible concept that they can apply to their lives. This medium will be appropriate for my audience because the type of people that read blogs like Everyday Feminism also watch TED talks. TED talks are pretty universal, but a good majority of people who watch TED talks happen to fall into the criteria of my audience—people, like me, who are looking for a little inspiration.

Let’s hope it actually works out!

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