Remediation Proposal…Creating PSAs

For my remediation of my piece, “A Letter to A.J.”, I want to create a series of Public Service Announcements to run on the local news stations after the news ends.  My original audience was anyone who might read the Asheville Citizen-Times, my city’s newspaper.  One might assume that anyone who might read the newspaper, a major source of news and option, would likely also watch the news on television.  So, this will be a way of getting my argument out to the same audience of people in a different medium.  I think that a PSA would be a very effective medium for my personal story about A.J. and my argument that black youths must be viewed as students first and foremost, and then athletes.  My purpose is to make my audience think about black students in a different light.  That shift in thinking is what will inspire change.

A PSA is perfect for that purpose, because its purpose is to plant a seed to change the public’s thinking on a very specific issue.  In addition, since A.J.’s story is very personal, being able to use my own voice and for people to watch how his story affects me and changed my thinking, might be quite powerful.  Furthermore, PSAs often combine both ethos and logos, which is exactly what my argument needs.  I could incorporate my personal story about A.J., which most viewers in Asheville will likely be familiar with, and quick statistics or blurbs from the studies I read in my Politics of Education class.  To make my argument about black student athletes stick in viewers’ minds, I will also come up with a catchy slogan that will keep them thinking long after viewing the PSA.  Since PSAs are often 30 seconds or less, it may be a good idea to do a series of PSAs using the same slogan to really help engrain and reinforce my message.  This will require taking what I’ve written to A.J. and condensing it into a powerful and thought provoking short PSA with the purpose of making people see black students in a new light.  This will be a good challenge for me.

These PSAs, all for “The More You Know”, are wonderful models.  They use the slogan “The More You Know” every time to create a constant reminder in the viewers’ minds, a slogan that’s a great example for what I need to think of.  They last about 30 seconds each, the length I want to use.  In addition, they use a jingle to increase familiarity between each PSA, something I should definitely consider doing.  The speakers use a casual and relatable tone, something I want to model.  Bill Cosby’s PSA is especially useful, since he talks about education.  He speaks directly to the viewers and gives lots of imagery so they can imagine themselves in a better world.   He then challenges them to make that better world possible, which, in essence, is exactly what I want to accomplish.

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