Remediation Station. First Stop: proposal

For my repurposing project, I took a piece I wrote about masculinity on Modern Family and made it into a GQ magazine article. In doing this, I geared my argument to early 20 to 30-year-old men. I knew that for the remediation I wanted to make a video montage of sorts but I really didn’t know what platform to use. Then I looked at all of the tabs I had open on Google Chrome and saw “Buzzfeed.” Lightbulb.

How many hours have I spent watching Buzzfeed videos? I couldn’t even tell you, but it’s a lot. I think that making a Buzzfeed video keeps my audience and argument the same. Many young adults view content on Buzzfeed, or see the material shared on Facebook and Twitter, which would actually broaden my audience by reaching both genders. My argument that Modern Family presents more than just the hegemonic male masculinity would transfer well into a video. In my repurposed project I talked about the masculinities represented character by character, which I could also do in the video.

Most Buzzfeed videos are under two minutes long and aren’t extremely text heavy, which means epic consolidation on my part, but I’ll take that challenge. A lot of what I’ve explained in writing in my repurposed assignment I will have to explain using visuals from the show. I will do this by taking video screenshots from episodes of the show (I will have to learn how to do this) and then piecing them together in iMovie. I can add text to the video to explain the essentials of each character and the different type of masculinity they represent.

If you’ve never watched a Buzzfeed video (which is a crime), here is a link to get an idea of what I’m trying to emulate. I like these videos because they are short, entertaining, and informative and they have the easy capability to be shared online. I essentially want to make concrete what is visible about the masculinities on Modern Family putting a little bit of an academic spin on a popular television show.

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