The Stretch Run

Hello All,

Since I’ve already made one post about the midway point of the semester, nearly a month later, I figured now would be a good time to establish that we have but a few weeks left to complete EVERYTHING for this capstone extravaganza. Below is a checklist of what everyone should be aware of and actively working on.

1. POINT TASKS. Yes, we have discussed this all semester, and now more so than ever, it is urgent to push yourself to do as many mini assignments as possible. I know it may seem like a hassle. Just do it. Just do it. That second “just do it” was not a typo. It’s there for emphasis. #Nike.

2. EVOLUTION ESSAY. Ray reminded us all in class about this. By design, we brushed it aside for an extended period of time. Now may be an opportune time to revisit, reflect on what you have, and incorporate some of your newly acquired drafting strategies to provide the finishig touches. I’m really not sure what I mean by “newly acquired drafting strategies,” but I’m sure you’ll figure it out before I do.

3. PROJECT. We just went through some intense workshopping days. At this point, you should have plenty of feedback in regards to what’s working, what isn’t, how to proceed, and how to ultimately present all of your work. Consider the advice you have received, decide what you like and feel most comfortable with, and run with it. Maybe even sprint if you feel up to it.

4. PORTFOLIO. The culmination of everything that we will have completed throughout our illustrious time as Sweetland Minor in Writing scholars. If you have not done so yet (mainly talking to myself here), begin thinking about you would like to present all of your work. What fits your personality? How do you want people to see you? What will make you feel most accomplished? What will you need to know and do in order to make this all happens? Therapy is a perfectly acceptable thought to have.

Bon Voyage!

3 thoughts to “The Stretch Run”

  1. Hey Benjamin, thanks so much for the recap. Yes, it’s definitely a lot of work but if you pace yourself (say 2 hours each day), I think it’s achievable. After all, we’re the leaders and the best. 🙂 One suggestion- do plenty of annotated bibliographies. They’ve been the most helpful for the project and they’re worth 20 points, which isn’t too shabby. Have a great weekend!

  2. This post is awesome yet terrifies me. Awesome because I am the type of person that need to have everything organized into a list. I love lists. I love organization. I love structure. However, I also like not working. So I see this list and rather than being motivated to work I want to curl up in a ball and start watching House of Cards. Everyone says its good so why not? When I have a list of things to do staring me in the face why is now not the perfect time to start an addicting tv series. Also, #realtalk, how many people have actually started on their portfolios?

  3. Agreed, David. I actually just did an annotated bibliography… they’re golden.

    Maggie – I technically have not started tinkering with my portfolio. I plan on saving that for last, once I have all of my other materials relatively finalized and in order. I think this will allow me to have the best sense of what I want the final design of my portfolio to look like, given that I will know what all of my materials to be showcased will consist of. In that sense though, I feel like in a way I have begun planning my portfolio, simply from keeping this thought process in mind.

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