When there’s a letter in the mailbox for you…

For project three, I am gathering opinions on the act of writing special event cards, and predominantly birthday cards. I would love to hear what you have to say :).

Please take my survey!  It literally will take you 30 seconds.


Recently I asked my parents to scavenge for old cards I had written them. As I sifted through the stack of cards, I noticed patterns in my writing: how I signed off, the message of the card itself, and the length of my personal message.

While reading the cards, one of two things came to mind. I either remembered how I felt when I initially wrote them, or I remember details of what I was referring to in my message. Before this mini-reminiscent session, I never fully appreciated the importance of cards to my family. And I definitely did not considered how this simple, generous act might not be the norm.

Writing letters used to be the norm. As time has passed and technological capabilities have increased, humans have become lazier. We, yes all of us, are lazy. Maybe some more so than others, but on average we are lazy human beings. It is an unfortunate, but honest truth.


2 thoughts to “When there’s a letter in the mailbox for you…”

  1. Hi Zoe, thanks for your post. I took your survey and I just wanted to mention that I love receiving handwritten birthday cards. There truly is a difference between receiving an e-card and a hand-written note. I appreciate when a person takes the time to handwrite a letter. I personally write birthday cards to all of my immediate family members and grandparents. I always seek out cards that I know that my loved ones will find special (for example a happy birthday squirrel for my brother). Anyway, I hoped my reply helped. Best of luck on your work!

  2. Hi David!

    Thank you very much for taking the survey. Every bit of information helps!
    I completely agree with everything you said. A card is much more genuine when it is hand-written.

    Do you mind in I quote your post in my Project three?

    Thanks again 🙂

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