My finished E-portfolio (Generic title, but it fits with this blog post’s theme, I promise)

As I hit the button making my e-portfolio public, I sighed a deep sigh of relief. As I examined my page’s introductory area, I felt a sense of pride in what I accomplished.

I made my portfolio what I wanted it to be.┬áMy site, relative to others, isn’t very flashy. I have a gray background surrounding a white and black center. There isn’t much aesthetically, but that’s exactly what I wanted.

Writing is what I’m interested in pursuing, so when I thought about my blog, I made it for potential employers. I don’t think my employers will want to sift through pages of colorful displays. They want to examine my writing. Therefore, I gave them what they wanted. Everything in my portfolio efficiently directs my audience towards my writing.

I included all of my columns for the Michigan Daily, my blog posts, an about me, an about this blog, a resume, and all of my Minor in Writing projects. (I’m waiting on including my academic writing until I’m a junior or senior and my papers are stronger.) Everything either ties back to the fact that I’m a writer or includes a piece of my writing.

To be completely honest, I’m struggling to describe the blog in any more detail because there really isn’t much more to describe. I wanted the writing to speak for itself instead of any aesthetic framework, so reading my work honestly explains my portfolio more than this explanation. If you’re really interested in my writing, I’d advise for you to take a look at the writing that I placed on the portfolio.

In the spirit of my blog’s straightforwardness, I’m going to end this post. I hope you all (and Shelley) understand why it makes sense that this blog remain at three-hundred words haha.

One thought to “My finished E-portfolio (Generic title, but it fits with this blog post’s theme, I promise)”

  1. Hey, Michael,

    Great job on not waiting till the absolute last minute to finish your portfolio! I’m almost done, but will be working till the very end to polish things.

    I think that you’ve had a experience both similar and different to mine. Though I took an approach to use lots of writings that showcase my development as a person and writer where as you took a more professional approach, I think that both of us wanted to make our writing the center of the attention. I think this is a good call since both of us are interested in doing writing, not design. Nice working with you this semester!

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