Wellllll, here goes nothing!

I woke up this morning late because my roommate was “getting sick” at three in the morning last night so I figured… sleep ’til you wake up, Erin. Run, laundry, go to work on re-mediation project and BOOM iMovie will not let me voiceover my poem onto my video. No worries, I say to myself, I didn’t want to put my voice over the video anyway, I’d rather just leave the poem down as a transcript and let the video speak for itself as if it really were being played in Yankee Stadium. It’s OK.

At 4:00 pm I walked into my exam room to find people who did not look like International Studies majors taking an exam that wasn’t mine, only to realize the exam had been given six hours earlier. So with that, I cried a little, emailed my professor (taking it tomorrow at noon…phew) and went to finishing up this e-port. It was both painful and fun, and something I’ll work to improve upon when I have a spare moment by the ocean. Until then, I hope everyone has or had a better finals weekend than I did.


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