A Finished Eport!

I’m proud to introduce my eportfolio to the world (or at least the Sweetland world)! While putting the whole thing together was a pretty daunting task, by pacing myself over the past few weeks it has actually gone pretty smoothly.  In addition to the gateway assignments, I wanted to highlight some of my other interesting papers, and the writing skills I’ve developed in different courses. It turned out to a rewarding experience to go through all the different writing assignments, some were more successful than others, but it was great to see how much writing I’ve actually done! That’s why I included the “Everyday” section of my eport to show off some of the smaller assignments.  I think we tend to value the lengthy, argumentative essays the most, but some of my best writing have been little memos or reflections that have a restricted word count.  I’m glad these small pieces now have a home and could possibly be read by someone other than a GSI.  My eport isn’t very flashy, yet I think it reflects me and my writing well. I hope it illustrates the different writing I’m capable of, and how much I’ve enjoyed working on all of them.

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