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Its very exciting to finally be able to say that my eportfolio is now beginning to come together.  Once I decided I would think of employers as the main audience with the potential to use the portfolio for internships, the guiding theme made more sense and it was a matter of working on it. Now with the work I’ve put in the last few weeks, the abstract ideas and sketches now look like something I’ll be able to finish and be happy to show others. 

Front page
Front page with menu titles

After over thinking how to organize the different pieces, I eventually settled on sections for the minor, other argumentative essays, and then examples of everyday small pieces.  A completely unrelated question, but how have people decided on a subtitle? I obviously can’t leave it as “a fine WordPress.com site” but I don’t know what to name it without being cliche or too boring.  Anyway, even with these guiding sections I still have spent a lot of time of the menus and the format of each section.  It has been hard to include the different components (drafts, author’s notes etc.), while keeping it organized and simple to navigate.  The most difficult portion to decide on was for Why I Write, which I chose for the “walkthrough” requirement.  When I started working through this section, I knew I wanted to include two drafts with their author’s notes and the copy with comments from Shelley.  Initially I put the notes as a sub item of their respective draft, but it felt too cluttered.  I’m generally wary of sub items because I don’t like having too many items hidden, and as a reader this type of organization can sometimes make me feel like I’m missing important parts.  My current eportfolio has the author’s notes appear before their draft, helping to set up and explain my thinking with each version of the work.  What I’m still not sure of is how to include the “final” draft.  There are very few edits between the second draft and what will the last, thus I don’t want them to feel redundant.  The most recent plan is to put the final draft on the main page and include an author’s note (like the other drafts) to explain the different subitems and how I got to the final piece.  

Why I Write drop down menu
Why I Write drop down menu

My experiments with the widgets have been confusing, and sometimes successful.  I still don’t know the point of most of the widget options, but some of them do make sense to include.  I’m most excited by the RSS feed I was able to set up (with the help of Shelley) so it only included my posts on the Sweetland minor blog.  After I publish this post, I’m going to immediately check the eportfolio to see if it updated.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.40.58 PM
My RSS feed triumph

There is still a ton of work to be done until I have a finished product, but at least now that endpoint seems feasible.  It wouldn’t be honest to say I’ve really enjoyed the process, although there is a great deal of satisfaction when I do get something right.

3 thoughts to “Eport in Process”

  1. I like your front page / header so far! It looks really clean and neat. As for the subtitle, if you have a theme you could put a tagline related to that. I think I’m making my subtitle really “obvious” by just calling it a “Writing Portfolio.” This way it gives the reader a preview of what the portfolio contains without reading further onto the page. I think having a short quote would be nice too. Something that either explains your philosophy on life or writing.

    In several portfolios where they have the different writing steps (drafts, author’s note etc.) as sub-pages, the author wants to reader to focus more on the finished product and have the writing process as a background. By having it as a sub-page, it allows the reader to read on more if they are curious about how they got to the final product. It depends on what you want, and I think your idea of setting up the final draft on your page sounds good.

    There is so much freedom to do what you want! The good part is there really isn’t a wrong way to do it.

  2. This looks awesome! I really like how you laid everything out and walked us (readers) through your process of designing your wordpress. By the way, the pictures were very helpful! I think your design is perfect for your audience. I also want to have employers as my audience, so I’m trying to decide how best to showcase myself. I like the simplistic look you’ve taken. Also, for your question of what to put as your sub title, I would ask: how do you want to showcase yourself? For one, I think not having a subtitle is fine, but maybe you can pose a question or a quote that you find really relatable? So many options! But I definitely resonate with the idea that you don’t want to sound too cliche. I think the way you laid out the blog is great, with how you chose your pages and what to label them. I also think it’s really smart to have your resume as your second page. It’s the first thing that caught my eye, so I definitely think future employers will click on it.

    Great work!!

  3. I love that you walked everyone through your mental process and all the decisions you made as you started your site. I think its great too that you went through and knew what you liked from an accessibility stand point. I haven’t thought about that so much as I have tried to get all the required pieces ready to put up so that definitely gave me something to think about. I also think in terms of titles, I’ve been having a similar struggle. I think that when you least expect it to, a good title will come to mind! Sometimes thinking about it too much makes it difficult to come up with something non cliche, so maybe just think about an overarching theme in your pieces and do something related to that. I think it looks great so far!

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