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I ran across this disgusting article on Huffington Post today under the top news. I honestly can not believe this. Part of me was like this actually has be from The Onion. There is no way this man got away without prison time. To me, this once again resonates to the affluence argument. For illustrated passages I have decided to do something different. I decided to randomly click on the photo booth button every minuet while reading the article. I am glad I did because Im sure that no picture on google could sum up how I feel about this article. The following are in sequential order of when they were taken.

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But seriously. Are. you. kidding. me.

My favorite line, “According to the The News Journal, several attorneys claimed treatment over jail time was a deal more typically granted to drug addicts, not sex offenders.” Odd. I thought that jails served as punishment for those who violated SERIOUS laws and committed SERIOUS acts.


  1. I cannot even begin to explain how much I have to say about this. I honestly almost did my project on this before I realized that nobody would want to read the truth about things like this for those exact reaction reasons.

    One of my best guy friends that I’ve known since preschool was put in prison in November of my sophomore year (I’m a senior). It was NOT for a sexual offense, though. I won’t go into details but it was something much more minor than that. He was sentenced to 18 months, and naturally we all assumed he would get out before then. Not only did he NOT get out in 18 months, he was sentenced to another 18 months on top of that. He was supposed to get out in September of 2013, and he was told in the middle of August 2013 that he was sentenced to 18 more months – one month before he thought he would be released. What’s worse, is that a few months ago they required him to start a class for sexual offenders. So, after being in the minimum security unit for over a year with no issues, he now has to take this class for an offense that he wasn’t even convicted of, and as a result is not allowed to be in minimum security anymore. He went from a unit of about 70 men to a unit of over 700 men. He keeps to himself as much as he can to avoid the things that happen in there that he won’t even let himself tell me about, and he has no reason to be involved in gang issues because he’s a middle class white kid that is just trying to ride out the rest of his time there. Within months, he was popped in the jaw by a gang member (probably pissed that he’s a privileged kid who gets support weekly visits from his friends & family), which broke his jaw in two places and put him in the hospital. They had to wire his mouth shut and they kept him there for a month. During that time, all of his school books were stolen (he’s taking classes through correspondence), and he wasn’t able to attend the sexual offense class. So now he has to stay in that unit an additional month or two in order to finish the class, and he will continue to live in fear of this happening again … except something probably much worse than what already happened. I used to see him every single week but they can’t get visits in the hospital and his new unit has different visiting hours. He has been nothing but obedient of the [completely skewed] system for the last two years, and yet continues to be punished.

    So why on Earth are people who actually commit these offenses NOT get punished!? The judicial system astounds me. No matter how much you kiss their ass and do exactly what they tell you to do, they’ll keep you in there as long as they can. But the people who actually deserve it … I don’t understand how they get away. Thank you for posting this. I apologize for my rant, but there are so many people who don’t understand how big of an issue this is!

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