It’s the Final Countdown

I’m done. I have to repeat that. I’m done with my Capstone Portfolio and my Capstone Project. I have no more time to give. Whatever minor flaws nag my perfectionist soul, do not diminish the holistic quality of either my portfolio or my project.

Yet, for some reason, “The Final Countdown” is stuck in my head. It’s hard to believe that with this my minor in writing will be over. In the minor in writing, we talk so much about reflection. In my application essay for the minor, I wrote I wanted to write faster and be a more confident writer. I am more confident. The fact that I’m not on my portfolio now going over every detail is a testament to that. However, I still feel some trepidation over my work. Will the reviewer get it? Will the risks I took pay off?

If nothing else, I’m glad the course has been gamified. No matter what I did the work and by doing a podcast on media, I took risks. Now I can rest assured that my grade is done, my work is done- but I don’t feel done.

That’s the other thing the minor in writing taught me. A piece of work is never done. Coming back to a piece years later can yield great results since you’ve distanced yourself. So I’m not really done with this work I’m just done for now. More than that, I’m not really done writing, or reflecting on my writing, or growing as a writer, even though I am done with the minor in writing. Perhaps that’s why I don’t feel done. I will never be done. So it’s the Final Countdown only for today.


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