Looking Back

I love looking back on old posts and seeing if I still feel the same way or if I have changed my opinions.  The post I am looking back on was titled Coffee Shop Chatter. It is as follows

I know this has been brought up in class before but does anybody else get seriously annoyed with people talking in coffee shops? I’m sitting in Biggby right now by E. Liberty trying to write my Soc paper (in all honesty more like trying to motivate myself to start writing my paper) and it is so loud. Everyone is talking. EVERYONE. I just want to sit here and drink my large black and tan coffee and crank out this paper. But I can’t because everyone is engaged in really good conversation and even when I try to stop-eavesdropping I fail. I understand that Biggby isn’t the library and they have every right in the world to be as loud as they want to be and it’s silly for me to be so upset and still not leave but still. Does anyone else get annoyed when they are trying to study at a coffee shop and can’t because people are talking? I can’t be the only one……right??



This post demonstrates how I think I have grown throughout undergrad as a person rather than I student. Now when I go to a coffee shop and try to get stuff done I have this aura about me that I think just warns people who want to talk off, and deters talking form those already present. I haven’t encountered a situation in which everyone was talking in a coffee shop in a very long time. Its probably my face. When I study face just screams “I am stressed, miserable, and cranky. I will yell at you”. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing…… In addition to this face I have I have also grown as a person because now if I am studying in a coffee shop and everyone is loud I pack up and leave. Crazy. I have discovered, apparently recently, that I have two feet and that if I think really hard I can get them to move in a motion that allows me to transport myself.  Ha, and Maggie from Junior year thought she was so stinkin’ smart.

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  1. Maggie … I am right there with ya. There are few things I hate more than hearing background conversation when I’m trying to focus. Do you ever listen to music when you study? I got these awesome Bose noise canceling headphones freshman year when I realized that living in Markley and doing homework were not two things that could coincide …. I recommend a little Daft Punk and headphones. Or, a lot of Daft Punk.

    Anyway, I personally LOVE coffee shop conversations. Since I’m a graduating senior I will reveal my favorite place to study since I only have two more weeks to be here. There is almost always a seat at Mighty Good Coffee on the corner of Main and Miller. This place is my safe haven (I’m saying “this” because I’m obviously here right now … ) I always come here. I don’t think I’ve studied at a place on campus since sophomore year. I can’t stand being around other students who are probably working on the same assignments as me and completely bugging out from stress. Mighty Good not only has the best coffee (I recommend the Ethiopia Sidamo, great flavor, drink it black) but it has the BEST town vibes. There’s a wide variety of people that come here, and although a lot of people are always doing work here, it’s not always just stressed out undergrads tweaking about upcoming deadlines.

    At any rate, I was here yesterday morning and I was sitting next to a guy, probably a grad student, who was working on what I think was a novel. A girl came to join him, and he was talking to her about said novel, and then I put my headphones in because I always feel guilty eavesdropping – plus there’s no way I wasn’t going to be completely creepy over-the-top listening to him talk about a fiction novel because those are what I live for. But then I had a phone call, or something that forced me to stop listening to music, and I got distracted and didn’t put my headphones back in for a while. I then realized that this pair, who I originally had assumed were already familiar with each other, were making plans to see each other again, exchange favors for editing their pieces, and then the conversation really progressed. I think for the first time in my life I witnessed a couple of people fall in love. They were having their first personal conversation I think, rather than just the typical “let’s edit each other’s writing” conversation. It was awesome. I’m so not into mushy stuff even with my own boyfriend, but witnessing someone else experience this first stage was so cool. Maybe sometime go to a coffee shop when you don’t have work to do, and just journal. Go with the intention to listen to the conversations around you – it really puts the world in perspective for a couple minutes. As students we are so selfish, always working toward the next thing and doing what is best for ourselves in our busy schedule, but we miss all the magic that happens around us – people planning big events, falling in love, getting jobs, trying coffee for the first time, etc. Maybe it could be your next blog post 🙂

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