Okay, so maybe new media is kinda cool…

After spending an incredible amount of time hating new media, I am coming around to finding it quite interesting. This may be because though I once started working on wordpress, I converted to Wix, which has a lot of flexibility. What’s coolest to me are the little things that you tend to discover while working on New Media. You start off totally lost on how to make anything look right and almost have an anxiety attack imagining how you could fit all of the pieces together; however, little by little, you start to get a grasp of how things work and then begin feeling like a pro.

What I personally like the most is feeling like you have control over something online. All of my life, I grew up having no idea how things online worked. I never thought about how one sets up a webpage, or if there were certain formats for a page that sites worked off of. It all seemed like magic to me that I would never need to use. It was fun being ignorant in a sense, but…

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 2.14.53 AMignorance isn’t total bliss. It also felt like I lacked agency. I spent a huge portion of my life using websites, but didn’t have any idea how to control them. It not only made me feel out of control, but also made me feel rather stupid. I knew deep down that maybe one day I should learn how something like this work, but also put it off because it seemed so daunting.

The daunting aspect of it has begun to wear off. Thankfully, as I feel like I’m finally getting the swing of things, I’m having a bit of fun thinking of different ways to format my page and how to make a space really my own. When I first chose the theme for my work, the colors weren’t my type of colors at all, the background was iffy, and there was some weird bird at the corner that had nothing to do with the theme. The theme, however, had a great layout that worked well with what I wanted to do. The lack of aesthetics seemed like a simple opportunity cost for having the layout I desired. As I worked on, however, I came to realize how much I could change within this theme. Keeping the same layout, I could change the background, totally change the colors pallet, and even get rid of that dumb little bird at the corner of my page. This was the moment I realized that I could make this space my own, and for the first time I felt like I had some control over the internet.

I’ll be honest, it’s still super frustrating. Things seem to take forever to get correctly, and I can’t even explain the frustration I feel when my computer freezes. On the bright side, however, this has really changed how I view websites and I now feel like I have a practical still I didn’t have before. I do not think this could be my end of learning because the HTML behind this is the total point of coming to understand websites. After having a friend explain how HTML works via tumblr, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want or need to learn it, but you never know…

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  1. Levi,

    I totally know what you mean! After switching to Wix, I was amazed (and overwhelmed) by the amount of control I had over a website! The internet is a strange thing where websites are a normal part of our lives, and yet a lot of us don’t know how they’re made (that’s quickly changing though). It’s funny to hear you say how stressful it is, because that’s what happened to me too. At one point I spent almost thirty minutes trying to decided the main color of my background. And once I learned that you could make things transparent, oh man, then I spent hours on just the aesthetics. And it’s true that when you don’t know how things work, they always have this “magic” to them. But with html, I just might want to stay ignorant. That stuff hurst my head.

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