Peer Review Please

Hello! If your work ethic mirrors mine in any way, you are frantically making edits and navigation changes to your portfolio today. If this is the case: GOOD LUCK, YOU GOT THIS!

And don’t loose sight that: THE END IS NEAR AND THAT IS GOING TO FEEL GREAT!

But, if any of you have time to do a peer review of a one page document, I would greatly appreciate it! I need help on opening my capstone project. I’m not sure if it is clear and sets the stage for what I’m going to do (so please tell me what your interpretation of my project idea is, based on this page). I’m also fearful that I sound too knowledgable and arrogant about what people should and should not be learning, in regards to my Sociology education.

So please go to my portfolio, click on the Capstone tab and peer review the first page. Please be harsh! You can send your comments/edits to me via email: Angelle Kettlewell – And yes, throw these comments in your drop box and you will receive points!!

Thanks and happy writing.

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