Rough-Cut of Remediation

Hi all,

I decided to do my rough-cut of my remediation project in the form of a blog post, because I am looking for peer feedback and I did not want to “launch” my project prematurely. For this project, I am taking my original author’s note of a book I wrote in high school on my hometown’s local city-owned ski area (if you’re interested, you can see my previous blog posts for more details) and creating an Instagram account. My audience for this project is youth in my area whom I hope to get involved in the movement to save Hickory Hills. I know that the 12-18 year old age group are heavy Instagram users, and I hope to use this medium to engage them. The scope of my project is as follows:

  • Use historical and current photos taken at or of Hickory Hills to generate increased public support and participation in efforts to save Hickory
  • Users will submit photos to be posted for certain categories, examples included below
  • Users will use hashtags to categorize the photos they post including: #hickoryhills #savehickory #preservehickory #skiathickory #welovehick etc.
  • Account will be connected to Preserve Hickory Facebook page and will therefore share photos on Facebook page as well
  • Account will host photo contests for users such as Best Jump or Best Hickory Smiles etc.
  • Example accounts to model collectively include successful non-profit accounts such as charitywater and To Write Love on Her Arms and ski resort accounts such as Vail as well as ski accounts such as US Ski Team

Example Feed


Join the club and see great skiing pictures and have the chance to have yours posted! Follow us @preservehickory #gtskiclub #hickoryhills #preservehickory









This photo was taken in 1955 at Hickory! Show us your best pic skiing at Hickory! Use #skiathickory with your photo and we will post our favorites!


We need your help! Support our non-profit Preserve Hickory and speak out regarding Hickory’s future at the City Council meeting this Thursday night! #preservehickory #saveourhill

I would love to have any feedback or ideas! Thank you for all the help everyone’s given me so far.

One thought to “Rough-Cut of Remediation”

  1. Using instagram is a super unique way to do your remediation so i’ll be very interested to see the final product! I think it’s good you’ve looked at a wide range of different non profits to model your account after. One thing you could possibly do with it is link it through a twitter account as well that might give more information associated with the pictures. Since there is the option to share photos through facebook/twitter on instagram, connecting it through twitter might be another good way to extend the project. Just a thought, but I like the ideas you’ve posted so far and look forward to seeing the final!

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