Snow in Spring

It is really peculiar how we just finished our last class of Writing 220; it is almost as peculiar as when it snows in spring, like just five days ago.

Time seems to fly by in college. I don’t recall high school coming and going as quickly as college seems to be, and it is just not acceptable.

After a hopefully successful semester, I have a few tips for future gateway students:

1) Blog – It is easy to forget about blogging, especially with all the other projects going on, but it is fun! Yes, I said it. Blogging is fun. Take it in. One more time. Blogging is fun.

2) Talk to the person next to you – Your class is full of intriguing people. Get to know them. Trust me, they will make you laugh.

3) Choose an interesting topic  for Project 2 & 3 –  You will work with the same topic for an extended period of time. If you are working on something you enjoy, you’re more likely to have fun making whatever you produce, and it will be more entertaining for the audience.

4) Meet with T in office hours – T is one of those professors that actually cares about the growth of her students. Take advantage because these professors don’t come around all that often.

5) EPortfolio – Make sure your Eportfolio reflects who you are. If your name was removed from the home page, anyone in the class should be able to tell it’s your website!

Okay future MIW students….. good luck and enjoy!

It’s been a real treat T and class :).

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  1. Hey Zoe!

    This is great advice for the incoming MiW students. I wish I could’ve hung out with more people in the program and met more students from other sections. My class with Ray for the gateway and capstone was amazing, but I wish I knew how the other sections were run.

    Yay MiW!

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