Stay Sassy, My Friends

Looking back over the almost-completed semester, I realized that out of all of my classes I had the most fun in Writing 220.

So my one bit of almost-wisdom is this, future Minor in Writing cohort: don’t take yourself too seriously.

Take yourself reasonably seriously, it is class after all, but the gateway class is ultimately a place for you to explore your writing style and try writing things and sharing things you never, and I mean never, thought you would write or share before. Honestly, I never would have predicted myself dedicating my entire semester to the Harry Potter fandom, writing a magazine article, and filming a video diary. You just don’t do these things in academia, really, and despite it being work, it can be fun if you let it be.

Unlike in a lot of other classes, the assignments in this course are designed to let each individual actually be an individual. The possibilities for the projects are practically limitless, and it’s the perfect chance to work on something for school that you just might enjoy. So make your writing choices for yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new—this is a chance for creativity, for you to not be stuffy and academic for once. Pick something that you’re passionate about and engage with it, and engage with your classmates, and you’ll find that this class will be a very enjoyable experience.

So don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re not analyzing Joyce, statistics, or rainfall patterns here (well, actually you never know). You’re studying yourself.

There really are very few guidelines for you to conform to– embrace it.

So go on, be a little sassy if you want to be. You’re allowed.

Stay Sassy

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