Summer Plans

Hi writers,

As the year comes to a close, each of our summer plans are impending upon us.  In lieu of a traditional job/internship/summer courses, I have embarked down a slightly different path to occupy my spring.  I am currently enrolled, and decidedly unprepared for, in NELP (New England Literature Program).  Through NELP, 40 students travel to New Hampshire to a summer camp site where we will reside for 6 weeks.  At the camp, students will take an alternative education approach to studying literature produced in the New England region as well as think differently about oneself and one’s education through journaling.  Students will live in reclusion without the ability to use technology (save flashlights, alarm clocks, and headlamps).  Although I’ve only hear tremendous things from many former participants, I can’t shake the nerves of leaving modern society and being shoved into cabins with complete strangers from the university and the scarce number of participants from other schools.  Despite my fears, I am excited for all that I will come to learn and I’ve already paid the tuition checks so I’m doing this regardless.  Hopefully I’ll have an equally great term as those before me.

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  1. Andrew,
    This sounds really awesome! I’ve never heard of a program like that before, and I think you’ll really enjoy it! I actually studied abroad in Australia two summers ago and didn’t know anybody going in. I think you’ll find it to be really liberating and great to meet all new people and put yourself out there! Plus, I’m sure you’ll learn a ton!

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