The Final Post

Well, we survived.  There was a lot going on in this class and all of the assignments seemed to pile up right around the time of exams- but hey, we did it.  I am actually quite amazed by everything I did in this class.  There were weeks that seemed like I put in no effort at all and others that I felt like I was writing non-stop.  I remember after the first draft of each paper I thought: Crap, I have to put this into a portfolio at the end of the semester and other people are going to have to read this.  With this in mind, I felt like the worst part of the portfolio was going to be getting all of the writing for it done.  Sure, it took a lot of effort and persistence to finally get all of my papers to the point in which I was decently happy with them, but nothing compared to the amount of work that went into my e-port.  As made apparent by my attempt at giving a presentation about video editing software in class, I am not good with technology.  I actually had to re-do most of my portfolio after realizing some important features I could include in my portfolio to make it more organized and easier to navigate.  So, not only did I improve a lot on my writing, I also learned how to make a website and how to figure out some technology that I haven’t been exposed to before.  All in all, I think that is a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself.

Overall, I am quite proud of my portfolio.  I know that there are some areas that could be improved greatly, but for being my first website, I think it is fine.  My ideal audience was more or less people interested in learning about my journey through writing.  I kept it simple and added my resume so, with some minor changes, it could also be professional and used to show future employers my accomplishments as a writer.  The one critique I have of my own portfolio is that some of the areas are very wordy.  I have a VERY long about me section (as this is where I put my essay 4) and I feel like people will not necessarily want to read that much about me.  If this had been my only class and if I had had all of the time in the world to play around with features, I would have liked to have made more bullet-point lists and link them to the various pages of my portfolio, that way people weren’t reading long paragraphs just to go on and read my essays.  (Being someone who isn’t the biggest fan of reading, it just seems like way too much for me).  Going along with this, I would have liked to have more pictures and possibly ways of contacting me.  I had thought about adding a twitter feed, but I decided against this, as I use twitter more personally and I didn’t necessarily want everyone to have access to it.  With that being said, it would have been nice if I had created an account just for writing, so I could have linked it to my portfolio.

Well, without further adieu, here is my portfolio.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope you actually take time to read it 🙂

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