Today’s Workshopping

Class time today will be a great opportunity to get feedback and guidance on any progress that you have made. Whether you are looking for project advice, portfolio tips, or evolution essay critiquing, I think it would be wise to send your fellow workshoppers your work in advance with some general instructions for what you are looking to get out of today’s session. Personally, I’m looking for a lot of feedback on my project in terms of structure, tone, progression, clarity, etc. If you provide your peers with some sort of roadmap, I think it will help make today’s class time a lot more efficient and valuable. Given that I am only working with one other person, I’m not really concerned about time constraints. There should be ample time for each of us to throughly comb through all aspects that we seek feedback on. However for groups of three, which I believe everyone else is in, I can see timing get tight if it is not used effectively. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Don’t prepare to fail. Be ready to get the most of class today. Our portfolio is due in less than two weeks, so don’t take this time for granted.

That is all. Please excuse the subpar pump up speech. Coaching has always been an intriguing potential career path. I’ll probably settle for being the next Will Ferrel youth soccer coach. Kick and Screaming, anyone?

2 thoughts to “Today’s Workshopping”

  1. Yup. I definitely needed this. I am so far behind I feel like I am never going to catch up. I know I will because I have no choice but still it just feels hopeless right now. Lately I have been using in class workshops to set goals for where I should be on everything. For example, last week for workshop I needed to be halfway done with my project. This monday I need to be slightly done with my portfolio as well as having my evolution essay done. I have not believe we only have nine more days until everything is due.

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