Top 5 Advice to Incoming MiW Students

Here is some of my advice to the new Minor in Writing students. This is what I would’ve liked to know before diving in.

  1. Have an idea of a passion of yours that you would like to turn into a project. This will save you a lot of time and confusion. If you have a genuine interest in something, turn it into a project and have fun! Have a clear vision.
  2. Keep working on the micro assignments throughout the semester. Keep up with your peer reviews, process reflections, blogging, and commenting. This will save you a lot of time and heartache at the end of the semester.
  3. Don’t come in with a lot of expectations. Enjoy the ride. Learn and grow. Bring in your passions and execute them to the best of your ability. It’s all about the process and the journey.
  4. Take at least one class with Ray. I was fortunate to have him for Gateway and Capstone. He is an amazing teacher and he will challenge you every class period to think beyond our normalized way of thinking. You will look forward to his icebreakers at the beginning of every class period.
  5. Have fun. You got accepted into the writing program for a reason. Enjoy the experience and have fun creating.

My advice to you.

3 thoughts to “Top 5 Advice to Incoming MiW Students”

  1. Hi Kierra!
    I agree with all of your advice. The one that sticks out to me the most is number 2. I think the micro-assignments and their completion (during the course of the semester) is key to not stressing at the end like I am right now. I also definitely agree with number 4. Ray was amazing, and there wasn’t a day in class that I didn’t laugh out loud. I will also miss his thought-provoking questions at the beginning of class…they definitely got me thinking about life more than usual.

  2. Hi Kierra,

    Thanks for all this advice. I didn’t really know what to expect when I applied to the writing minor. I will certainly take your advice. I can’t promise I’ll take a class with Ray, but I’ll certainly try. However, like Kate said, I will follow advice #2. Getting behind is something I’ve fallen habit to in the past, but would like to change. So here’s to hoping I can do that.



  3. Hi Kierra

    Thanks for sharing your advice. Your first point is very helpful; I have yet to start thinking about what I want to use for my project but I guess I should start looking so that I’m not stressed out later on in the process! I also like your third point on enjoying the journey. I had no idea what to expect coming in but I really like everything we’re doing so far even though assignments are somewhat unconventional compared to those in other English/writing classes I’ve taken. Again, thanks for sharing!


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