Yours in loving little siblings

For those of you in my class #rayray, you understand the fear I had going into this interview with my brother. I just want to thank you all for helping me prep accordingly because, believe it or not, it went surprisingly well.

James (my brother) cooperated very well. I’m not going to lie to you I may have smudged the project description and also told him that he was one of my interview candidates. Woops! Anyway ..   I actually really enjoyed the experience. I got to pick at his brain without it automatically turning into a fight. Because it was an interview, he seemed to feel more relaxed, less fearful of judgement, and honestly willing to share his thoughts and opinions. On top of all that, the interview took an hour and 15 minutes and he didn’t even complain about how long it took!!

I am thankful for the experience because I got to know someone I love on a deeper level. I feel that I have a better understanding of the way he thinks and his belief system.

He also surprised me a little. And I’ll have to admit, he wasn’t as ignorant as I thought. He seems to be scratching the surface at many of these topics. In regards to gender, he acknowledged there are some differences, especially in corporate America. For example, men are considered more inept to run a business, more assertive and powerful individuals when woman are not and they may have to work a little harder to get these positions. I was so proud to hear him say this! But then he said that being an attractive, smart girl is the best thing you can be.

So, he’s getting there. And I’m not sure if he will every fully understand but I know feel an inkling of hope. Because if he can understand this much, he may be able to grasp the truth if he is guided through the process.

Yours in loving little siblings.


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  1. YAHOOOO! I am happy to hear that it went well! I am also really happy to hear that you learned more about him and thought him to be less “arrogant”. I hope that one day when this topic gets brought up again and its my brother and I, I can say the exact same thing. It is just very important to me that he understands the differences between the genders. Sexism is a very important topic to me and it kills me when my brother doesn’t understand.

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