And it is done……

This quote is so very appropriate.

The clock right now says 4:53am.

I’m in such a surreal state, but I can gladly say that I have finished my e-portfolio.

This class has been such a joy to take. It taught me how to love writing; even when the process was dreadful. In fact, I don’t see the process as so dreadful anymore. I’ve become used to it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been writing so much these past few days that it’s become a norm for me. But even before that, this class has opened up my eyes to what writing is actually like.

Now when I have to write five paragraph essays or write research papers, I’ll have a plan of action. I’ll have ammunition in the form of articles like “Shitty first drafts” to keep my head in the game.

I think the greatest thing this class has taught me boils down to one thing: make a plan and do it.

In so many instances in my life, I’ve been afraid to try things simply because I do not know where to start. But this class has helped me overcome my fear of writing by giving me tools to take on the massive behemoth that is my conscience. I find that when I make plans, make sketch drafts, and just do it, the fear of failure doesn’t seem so bad, and I end up with a nice paper or in this case, a portfolio.

Speaking of which, here is the link!


It’s been one wild ride.


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