A Material World Seen Through A Financial Frame

American flag depicted as a dollar bill
American flag depicted as a dollar bill

I have a lot of materialistic interests. I think that most people do. People like cars. They like fashion. Technology. Cosmetics. Shopping. Celebrities. Brand names. There are negative implications surrounding these materialistic interests. There are especially negative implications surrounding people too involved in their materialistic interests. Cue my brother calling me self-absorbed for crying after not liking the results of my impromptu “well Kylie Jenner did it so I should too” haircut. This brings me to my point. Everyone should read the Financial Times blog: Material World

Material World is a blog devoted to indulging our materialistic interests within a financial frame. The bloggers behind Material World write about topics that seem purely materialistic, transforming these topics into intellectual and stimulating ones. Do I read Material World because I’m interested in Burberry’s new perfume? Or do I read it because I’m interested in Burberry’s unique marketing for their new perfume? The world will never know! So go ahead, treat yourself to some judgment free reading on the new Tory Burch FitBit competition within the wearable technology sector.

2 thoughts to “A Material World Seen Through A Financial Frame”

  1. I always enjoy your reading your blogs – you have so much personality in your writing and it always makes for an interesting read. The mention of your brother calling you out on your hair made me laugh; this was definitely a relatable and interesting addition.

    In being a business student also, I think that it is interesting that you found a nice balance between a pleasure read and the financial side. I’m very curious to explore this suggested blog further – sounds like something I would enjoy, also!

  2. This blog makes a lot of sense for a business student to follow. It looks at the financial aspect of many materialistic things, which is typically what someone would not think about when looking at these products. When you read it, do you feel like it is helpful in making smart purchases as well, or do you simply read to understand the strategy behind the product.

    Also I agree with Amanda, you blogs always have a very unique style that I appreciate reading whenever I get the chance. You give what would be slightly boring topics a personal tone to make it more interesting. I hope you keep including the personal anecdotes in the future posts.

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