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I’ve never been one to follow blogs before.


Whenever I have stumbled upon blogs in the past it has always been people who show craft ideas, talk about their family, or talk about food.  Not my sort of read.

So, when asked to find a favorite blog to recommend to my class you can imagine my dismay.  Should I find something funny or serious?  What if something I find humorous/interesting is just a giant flop?

My first attempt: “Hmmm let’s Google search ‘blog’ and see what I can find…”

If you are looking for 518 million search results then much respect to you.  Not ideal for me, though.  I then tried looking up celebrity blogs but, still, nothing resonated with me.  I felt so frustrated.

In my last attempt, I decided to find other people, like me, who are writing blogs via WordPress.  This is where I had my “aha” moment.

After perusing through different layouts, I discovered “Funny for Nothing”.  It is a blog with the caption ‘the world as I see it’ plainly written on a simple red, black, and white webpage.  Nothing too fancy….perfect for me.

I loved reading through the various posts because the author’s humor and storytelling was great.  Some of the material was over-the-top, but that’s what made it even better.  For example, in one of the author’s posts they were talking about the incident in the World Cup where Suarez bit another player and they said, “In the world of Twilight and similar wild, exciting vampire romances, a 27-year old Uruguayan footballer can hardly be expected to not indulge in a little experimentation.”  This made me laugh so hard.

It’s pretty clear that the audience for this blog is for a younger crowd and individuals looking for a good laugh.  The exigence is everyday mishaps for this individual.

They write about their difficulties in school and with physical exercise.

They write to tell you about something that interests them.

They write to be heard.

The comedic nature is what makes it unique; their voice shines through in a different and exciting way.  The author and I share a similar sense of humor which is why these posts had such an impact on me.

It was through looking at these posts that I discovered why they write.  But it was through reflecting on why I continued to read them that I discovered why I enjoyed them so much.

I read to laugh.

I read to learn.

And most importantly, I read to immerse myself into a story.


Below is an image of the blog. If you are looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend the post “The trauma of packing is emotional baggage.”  You will not be disappointed!

To their page: http://funnyfornothingblog.wordpress.com/page/2/

Screenshot of the blog
Funny For Nothing Blog

Amanda Kemmer

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3 thoughts to “A Witty WordPress”

  1. I, too, was a little take aback by the assignment. There are so many blogs out there. How are we supposed to suggest one that everyone would enjoy?! Seemed daunting.

    I liked how your blog post here was very light hearted. It mimicked the sentiment the blog you suggested we check out–this was a very cool stylistic choice. I wish you had gone into more detail about why the author writes and why you read because I found that portion very compelling. I would have liked to read more!

  2. Thanks for taking us through the way you chose this blog to write about! I think the fact that you chose it says a lot about the positive attributes of this blogger’s style. I’m going to check it out because it seems hilarious. And also because if a blogging skeptic like yourself like it, then there’s hope for me!

  3. I will admit, I find it interesting when people tell me there aren’t any blogs that they follow. I (sadly) spend most of my free time in the eternal time sucking vortex that is tumblr, so I know about more blogs than I can count. However, I’m glad that just by exploring you were able to find a blog that interests you and that you enjoyed.

    As you said, just by googling blog you will find hundreds of millions of possible places to look. I will say be careful though, because the more you go exploring in the blogging community, the more it might be hard to crawl your way out.

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