About the Author: Allison Raeck

NOTE: Allison does not in any way play basketball, or any sport. She just thought this was a neat picture.
NOTE: Allison does not in any way play basketball, or any sport. She just thought this was a neat picture.

Who is Allison Raeck? If you have to ask that question, you’re just like everyone else because she’s not famous. A self-proclaimed “basic,” Allison enjoys well-mannered cats, caramel iced coffee, the Oxford comma, and those perfume samples that come in magazines. She has not received any awards for her writing since the eighth grade, though she would give herself “Greatest Procrastinator,” and “The Comic Sans Award for Nonsense and Frivalry.” In the future (a word she attempts to avoid at all costs), she hopes to enter the field of journalism and write for a publication. For now, she inhabits Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying both Communications and the weirdness around her.

2 thoughts to “About the Author: Allison Raeck”

  1. Allison– I loved your “about the author” blurb! Your witty personality shines through and I feel like I definitely have a better sense of who you are. One of my favorite parts about your post is the photo. I played soccer growing up so I’ve seen my fair share of kids posing for the camera with sports equipment. At first I assumed you also had played a sport (basketball) your whole life, but after reading the caption I’m pretty sure I was actually laughing out loud. It was refreshing to read such a funny caption that related the photo back to showcasing your personality. I also liked how you balanced humor with a more serious facts in your post. You made sure to include important facts about yourself like your hopes for the future, but also held a casual tone, which added great contrast.

  2. First of all…lol! The whole basketball-clutching-looking-off-into-the-distance headshot was funny in itself, even funnier considering you don’t play basketball. Also, I was thoroughly amused when you used the word “neat.” Isn’t it a travesty how much our generation underuses the word “neat?!” Let’s start a campaign to resurrect the word. I’ll bring the poster board. I love how you choose to include considerably frivolous details (e.g. lover of the magazine perfume samples and your penchant to procrastinate) before the more serious details (e.g. aspirations for journalism and hometown). The last line was a perfect micro-example of the juxtaposition the whole bio possessed. You placed the formal detail of “studying communications” adjacent the playful practice of “studying the weirdness around” you. Great ending and great bio!

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