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 John U. Bacon
Professor and Author John U. Bacon from Facebook Page

This is professor, author, and Michigan football historian John U. Bacon. I am currently taking his class “the history of college athletics” and without a doubt it is the most enjoyable class I have taken in college. I’m not only happy to be taking this class because it focuses on college sports, but also because I have followed his blog since my freshman year of college.

Professor Bacon’s blog is a sports blog that mainly covers Michigan football and the Big Ten in general. However, since he knows so much about the history of the sport, Mr. Bacon is able to provide some perspective to a lot of the topics. The other reason I like this blog is because of it’s style. Mr. Bacon knows his audience, which is mainly University of Michigan football fans. He also knows that more than likely people will not be willing to read a very long article, so he keeps it simple. His sentences are not long; his nuance is not too extravagant. ¬†Each article actually has a link to listen to the story instead of read it, and this never takes longer than 5 minutes. This is also very different than they style he uses to write his books and longer more in-depth articles. As an example of good, concise blogging, it does not get much better than professor Bacon’s blog.

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2 thoughts to “All things Michigan Football (one of the many blogs I follow)”

  1. Your post sparked my curiosity. I am curious what John Bacon’s posts are about. Michigan football, but what specifically? Does he post about other sports? Or other college teams? Does he make predictions or analyze what’s already be done? I wish you would have explored the topic of each post more because I really would like to know! I wonder if this was your strategy. Draw the reader in, but don’t give too much away, so that we visit John Bacon’s blog.

  2. As Lia mentioned, after reading your blog I was intrigued to learn more about John Bacon’s writing style. You spent a lot of time talking about his credentials, but I would have liked a little more insight as to what type of writer he is – does he talk in a professional tone or is he more laid-back and relatable to the fans?

    Also, I really enjoyed the concise style you went for in your blog; I thought that it accurately reflected the style of writing you mention that John Bacon does. I’m curious as to if you think he influences your writing style at all. This is something I wish you would have expanded on. It would be a very interesting comparison.

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