Boom! Pow! Bio!

Anthony Nielsen was born in 1993 and was raised between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.  He attended Ypsilanti  High School where he earned the award for excellence in language arts. After that, he continued to the University of Michigan where he is discovering himself and what he really likes. He is currently in the Fall 2014 cohort for the writing minor. He hopes  to use his writing ability to create great works of fiction in the veins of Orwell and Tolkien. Maybe he’ll move to New York, but probably not.

How focused I want to be when I write.
Anthony Nielsen shredding bass at a local show

2 thoughts to “Boom! Pow! Bio!”

  1. HAHA, I laughed at your last sentence. Why do you thinks it’s improbable that you will move to New York? It seems like a very possible option to me!

  2. Hey Anthony,
    I like that your photo gives more insight into your interests. I also thought your last sentence was pretty funny. If you dream it you can do it! Maybe you’ll come to New York during a tour promoting one of your brilliant novels.

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