Brainstorming is hard.

After talking with a small group in class, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty much on the same page as most other people when it comes to project 2. We all sort of have ideas and options of past writing that we could build off of for the rest of the semester, but we aren’t quite sure which pieces would work best. I have to admit, it’s been difficult sifting through all of my old pieces of writing. Most of my work was lost when my old computer crashed somewhere between junior and senior year of high school. Among the few pieces I was able to recover, along with everything I have written since the devastating incident, I am still having difficulty choosing which direction I’d like to take this assignment. The pieces I’ve looked at range from something as elementary as a Junie B. Jones journal to a rhetorical analysis of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

I have taken T’s advice to heart, that we should pick a piece that we are passionate about and would be happy working with for the rest of the semester, and have narrowed down my options quite significantly . After some sifting and a lot of thinking, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Option 1: I’ve being doing a lot of thinking about a piece that I wrote back in middle school. It’s titled, “My Hero,” and is written about how much my father means to me. I’m almost positive that this is the piece of writing I want to work with because, although my middle school writing is poor, the basic ideas of the paper are still relevant today. I still look up to my dad in more ways than one and consider him one of my most important role models. It’s the “taking my writing in a new direction” part of project 2 that is causing me some problems. In regards to this piece of writing, I was considering a couple directions to take it. One direction that I’m thinking about is possibly making a brochure about the importance of father figures in a child’s life. I could research stats on the emotional/educational effects of not having a father figure. The trouble I have with this, however, is I’m not quite sure who my audience would be. Men who have fathered a baby, possibly? Or even single mothers…? The only problem with this is that this type of writing is fairly typical for me, as I am a Neuroscience major and constantly rely on numerical evidence in research projects. Again, T suggested picking a piece that would stretch our writing abilities, which is why my second option seems rather interesting to me. This option being a comic strip of some sort. Because my essay was titled, “My Hero,” I think it would interesting to somehow create my own comic strip. I could make it satirical, or for children. Again, I’m not quite sure about my target audience, I’ll have to discuss that with T. I guess we will see.

My dad and I on game day!
My dad and I on game day!

Option 2: Aside from the paper about my dad, I also have been looking at a piece I wrote for my English 124 class last year. It was an informal, one-page piece about what makes me wild (as the subject of the class was wilderness/wild). I’m not quite sure where I’d go with this piece, but I’m probably going to give it a little more thought. The only thing I could think of was maybe create some type of buzz feed-like quiz about hair, because the paper was about my wild hair.

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  1. Hi Meghan, I like both of your ideas. I definitely think that option one is the way to go though. I mean, you wrote like 2 or 3 times as much about option one than two. Also, from being in class with you, I have heard you bring up the story about your dad several times, and you seem to be passionate about it. I like the brochure and comic strip ideas. I think either one of those would be a good way to re-purpose the piece of writing. While using the comic strip would stretch you more, don’t discount the brochure. A well organized, and attractive brochure can be very effective. Also, just because it’s a brochure and you use numerical data, doesn’t mean that you are forced to write in a certain way. It’s your brochure, write it how you want it!

  2. Hi Meghan,
    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Hopefully I can still be of help. I agree with Anthony that you seem to be much more enthused about your paper about your dad and I think you will enjoy working with it much more. I see your concern about making a brochure being similar to how you normally write. But if you made it more coming from the voice of, say, a therapist, rather than a statistician, it could force you to explain things in a more emotional and soft way, which I would guess is different from what you’re used to. The comic is also a great idea. The audience could be sweet and directed at children who may not be very close with their dads, encouraging them to spend more time together.

    Those are just a couple things that came to mind but you should follow your own inspiration of course!
    Best of luck,

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