Caught Between Grandma and Football

When Project 2 for the gateway course was proposed, my thoughts did not immediately turn to any specific piece of writing I have done. I thought of previous papers and projects of mine that I thoroughly enjoyed – for example, my process analysis essay from senior year of high school in which I guide the reader through the steps of creating an essay that literally contains no content – but then considered that it might be more useful to turn to a piece of writing that I wasn’t particularly happy with. This got me thinking about other works I have produced, as well as scribblings and notes of mine that I have long been considering turning into something bigger.

That brings me to my first idea. For a long while now, I have been thinking about the possibility of writing a biography about my maternal grandmother. So far, all I have gathered in terms of research is a page of notes after talking with my grandma on a few occasions. She has a million stories – some, it seems, I have heard a proportionate amount of times – and I think I could paint a grand picture out of all of them to make something that would be special for her and the rest of my family. I’m not sure if this would work in the confines of this project, but T did mention a student who based their entire project off a sticky note that wasn’t even their own words. So it is definitely a possibility. I think, in the grander scheme of things, I could use the product of this semester’s projects to finally jump into a novel-length work on this topic. That idea is exciting.

A second option for Project 2 that I am considering is another one of my essays from senior year of high school. It was the first paper assignment of my English Composition class and the objective was to write a narrative – my favorite kind of writing. I wrote about my days of playing high school football, and of one game in particular that epitomized the whole experience in my mind. While I absolutely loved the subject I chose for the paper, I felt the final product was not exactly up to par. Reading over it again, there are parts that sound way too cliche and where the writing feels a little rigid. In the scope of the project, I feel there is an adequate amount of research I could do into my school’s football program as a whole, including my personal experience.

My four best friends from high school and myself after our senior year Homecoming game.

Beyond those couple of things, I have just a few others in mind that are more or less outliers. One is a descriptive essay about my first car, one is a poem about lost love, and the other an unfinished poem with an as-of-yet ambiguous subject. I don’t think any of these will make the cut, though.

For the time being, I will let the two predominant ideas bounce around.

2 thoughts to “Caught Between Grandma and Football”

  1. Logan, I totally understand your ambivalence in choosing between your two options. I think that the piece on your grandmother as well as the piece about your high school football experience would both be great to work with. If you decided to do Project 2 on your grandmother, I think your project would be very meaningful and different than anything else you have ever written. I’m sure it would also mean a lot to your grandmother and the rest of you family. However, if you decided to use your high school football essay, you would be able to go back to something you thought was just okay, and make it into something better. I’m not much help in the decision department, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either piece you choose!

  2. Logan,
    I really think your maternal grandmothers biography is a great topic to write about. It will sustain you through the semester, it is something that is near and dear to you and you are a great writer! We talked in class about where thsi could possibly be published and someone mentioned a medium that another person used to write baout their grandmother even though they werent famous or world renown and this really made me think this is a great idea. Personal stories or personal relationships are very interesting when written about because it is not factual generic information that you will be learning about but rather factual personal information. I say go for it! Shoot for the moon and this will be a project that you will never forget.

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