Concise Writing Always Counts

As I look at the what counts as writing gallery, I have realized that the most interesting posts to me were the posts about twitter and other smaller selections of writing. There were 3 different posts about twitter in the gallery and one very surprising post about a sticky note. Who would have ever thought that selections of 144 characters or something as small as a sticky note would ever count as writing. It made me wonder why, and I think I have an idea.

One of the main reasons these small texts are considered writing is not because of how big they are, but because of their meaning. In a twitter post, you are only allowed 144 characters, which is maybe about 3 sentences. On a sticky note, there is normally less than a square foot of space to put any writing. However, in these tiny samples, they sometime can explain more than a longer post could. Being concise is always appreciated in writing. Most readers do not have the attention span to read a post that is more than 2 or 3 pages long. If you cannot be concise in your writing, then you may fail to capture your audience.

As a writer, I believe that this should be my main goal. I have had a tendency to be very longwinded in the past, causing many of my friends to stop reading articles or blog posts I have written before they could finish. Seeing these smaller samples of writing in the same categories of what counts as writing shows me that it is something I can, and should improve on as time goes on.

The writing I will do this semester will hopefully reflect this. Where the ability to be concise while still writing a story will come from however is something I don’t know. Whether it be through editing and reediting several papers, or through preplanning all my assignments, I know that being as concise as possible will be something I accomplish this semester as I continue my journey and development as a writer.

Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

2 thoughts to “Concise Writing Always Counts”

  1. I agree that meaning is a main element that makes a piece of writing special. As you mentioned, readers have minimal attention spans. This is one challenge a good writer will overcome. A good writer can provoke thought or emotion from the reader in only a few sentences. However, some things do need to be lengthier. For example, I cannot imagine books ever becoming as condensed as a tweet is. It just doesn’t seem possible. However, maybe they could. Maybe an author could tweet one line of a story every so often until the story was finished. Is that the future of writing? I am curious to know how writing will evolve.

  2. I really enjoyed the emphasis you placed on the importance of being concise in your blog. I can completely relate to your struggle; being concise is also something I have had to work on. Long posts and sticky notes do not resonate well with an audience that is focused on obtaining information quickly and efficiently. But, as Lia mentioned, there still are many modes for lengthy writing where quick thoughts would not be appropriate. A few that come to mind are essays, books, and research articles. I’m curious as to whether you think the shortness of many types of current writing positively or negatively impact these more formal types.

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